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Classic Vehicle Restorers

Volkswagon Campers
   Classic Cars
A2Z Classic Vehicle
Restorers specialise 
in all aspects of VW
repair and restoration 
and are equipped 
to take your project
from start to finish. 
We can provide 
anything from an 
extensive restoration 
including fabrication,
panel work, paint work,
full respray and part 
respray,also including 
mechanical overhauls. 
no job is too small 
or too large.

Although we specialise in
VW Splitscreens, Bay
Windows and Beetles
we also have experience of
other makes of classic cars 
as you can see from our 
gallery such as Bentleys,
Aston Martin, Jaguar,
Porsche and many

In the current economic climate we know that you may not be able to commit to a big project straight away and we would be happy to do the work according to your own timetable and budget. We can give you an estimate for the whole job.We are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of vehicle restoration.

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